FLAM – French Language and Culture Saturday School

We are actively looking for a school in Melbourne’s northern suburbs to host our FLAM French language and culture Saturday school to start in early 2018.  The FLAM school will build on the pilot Saturday school to start in Carlton in 2017. It will offer a high quality French language and culture program to children from prep onwards.

FLAM stands for ‘Français Langue Maternelle’ (French Mother Tongue). The FLAM program aims to enable French children who live abroad to maintain and improve their mother tongue and connection with French culture. It is a well tested program with over 150 FLAM programs running in some 40 countries.

The program would initially be designed for children who already understand French or speak French at home, with the possibility to add a program for English speaking children. 

FLAM will be delivered while FBA continues to work towards the establishment of a French bilingual program in Melbourne’s northern suburbs. 

Please email the FLAM team at flam.melbourne@gmail.com to find out more about our project or if you would like to become part of the FLAM team.

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